Canadian Art and Designer, Yekta Sharafaddin-Zadeh Creates Stunning Business Logo for BlackcocoBrown

It all started with my crazy idea to have Yekta design some Angels 

After trying to find the right artist to create what I had envisioned, my son, Rashidi finally introduced me to a phenomenal artist named Yekta Sharaf!

At first, the idea was to create four angels, then I chickened out before even trying to finish what had started my journey. 

But an inspiring conversation with a good friend who owns Theas Creations advised me to take the leap of faith and start selling custom t-shirts.

Once my friend had started her west Indian store then the idea of the angel carrying the wings of the island came to be. 

The reason I wanted to create an Angel is that no art piece represented me. 

That's how the idea came about to create some Angels that looked like me.

Now that my Angel is finally created, it brings me to tears knowing that I'm achieving something I've dreamed of.

This Angel represents Africa with different elements of the art piece that feature unique things that all have a meaning.

Everything about this angel is a representation of my Mother Africa Angel.

Even though my idea was crazy to start with, Yekta always loved the idea and my intuition of key elements that had to be portrayed in this black art piece.

"This was an opportunity for me to work on something that I've always wanted to," explained Yekta.

I am so thankful she said YES to my idea although the design was very complex.

We stayed in constant communication throughout the process while she implemented any suggestions I had in mind. 

It was a long process to make sure all the details came out the way I wanted it but at the end of the day, it was so worth it!

Now that I finally have finished my first piece of artwork with her we both feel overwhelmed with joy to see this Canadian art piece on a custom t-shirt. 

"I'm excited for what else has to come," stated Yekta.

She is always looking forward to hearing out any ideas that come to mind and I would recommend her to anybody who needs art and a designer.

I couldn't be more excited for you all to see more of the designs Yekta and myself have been working on. 

Growing up, being Black wasn't easy and even my loved ones struggled with believing in their beauty which truly hurt me.

That's why I decided to make sure my business focuses on the narratives of my story being Black, Coco, and Brown. 

It was an honour to have my designs come to life on a custom t-shirt with the help of Yekta Sharafaddin-Zadeh.

To contact Yekta for any custom artwork inquiries you may send her a direct message on Instagram @yektasharaf.

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