How Individuals Can Re-Enter Society After Incarceration Successfully

Even though we may mistakes in life, it is our right to see brighter days upon us

One of the biggest challenges for individuals who have been incarcerated is that they suffer from being reintegrated back into society after they have served their respected time.

During episode 5 of the BlackcocoBrown Podcast, I had the pleasure to chat with Ms. Flavia Macpherson on the issue of rehabilitation for inmates who have been incarcerated.

Through community initiatives funded directly through her non-profit organization, she plans to make a difference in the lives of individuals who are suffering from being reintegrated back into society after incarceration.

Brighter Dayzz is dedicated to empowering offenders in becoming productive members of society, as stated on their website. 

In this discussion, we spoke on the suppressing issues individuals can face after making an offence in the community.

"Our aim is to help inmates for a brighter day to reintegrate back into society while the hope is for them to not re-offend again so that they can live a productive life, stated Macpherson."

Through workshops, her organization helps individuals develop soft and hard skills along with tools they may need to not re-offend again in the community. 

While in school, Macpherson had an aspiration to give back to her community after seeing many suffer from not having the resources and skills to cooperate in society respectfully. 

Many of the past offenders she has helped reintegrate into society praise her work after guiding them to become more productive people in life compared to before.

Preaching the knowledge of positive affirmations amongst other tools has been a big success on her part to contribute to the success of rehabilitation for individuals who have offended. 

"Statements like 'I can' & 'I will' among other tools like 1-on-1 consulting where individuals express what they may need from me along with other workshops to help them feel confident in life, stated Macpherson."

The initiatives Brighter Dayzz is taking within the community continues to help men and women become the person they want to be when returning to their family. 

In our chat, she compares the different programs that are available for offenders to make use of during inmate rehabilitation which you can learn more about on the BlackcocoBrown podcast

While she is lacking funding for her organization, this doesn't stop her passion to find the resources needed to support the individuals when they need to reintegrate back into society. 

If you would like to support the mission behind Brighter Dayzz, please visit to get in contact with Macpherson regarding ways you can contribute.

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