Influential Humanitarian, Mama Agbalenyo Shares Her Mission to Help Others

Even small contributions can make a big difference in the world

No matter what your journey in life may be, we all have the power to change the narrative and share our stories with others to learn from each other's experiences.

Contributions that are big or small make an impact in the communities that matter most to us. 

When Sylvia Morrison accepted my invitation to be on the BlackcocoBrown Podcast I was beyond honoured. 

From working with individuals, and communities globally, Sylvia knows the indomitable power of the human spirit to rise to a higher calling. 

Ms. Morrison's calling was to be Queen Mother in Kpedze-Todze; her title name is Mama Agbalenyo I, the Mother of Kpedze-Todze in Ghana West Africa. 

As Humanitarian, Empowerment Specialist, Life Mastery Consultant, Ms. Morrison teaches transformational principles in Keynotes, Workshops, and Retreats.

She has a mission to assist individuals in igniting their passion and standing confidently in their light. 

Morrison was born in Jamaica and migrated to Canada, where she lived for over 30 years while establishing her successful career.

Now she lives in Ghana committed to education, community development, and transformational coaching.

When asked what made her get involved in Humanitarian work she was more than glad to explain her journey with me.

"It was in 1989 when I first sponsored a child through an organization here in Canada to sponsor children internationally... I realized we can transform our own lives by helping others obtain resources they may not have," Morrison explained. 

In this episode of the BlackcocoBrown podcast, she taught me the importance of how we all can honour our humanity.

Because when we try to uphold the dignity of someone else, we are truly transforming our own lives.

She also shared a touching story that her mother had explained to her at a young age.

"If you want to enjoy your lunch, share it with someone else always, share your lunch," stated Morrison.

It was a beautiful lesson that taught me even small contributions make a difference. 

Empowering others to make their lives better can create precious moments within your life.

One of Ms. Morrison's most precious moments in Kpedze-Todze was when she was able to help young children come out of their shells at one of the reading clubs she funds in Ghana.

"Everyone wants to make a difference in the world in one way or another," she explained.

This story made me realize we all can make a difference because sharing something little or big can help our community.

Growing up, I've realized that sometimes fear can get in the way of wanting to give back to others.

But during my chat with Ms.Morrison, I realized that even small things make a difference in places around the world.

Links Across Borders is a registered charity non-profit organization that co-creates libraries in Ghana West Africa. 

To date, this organization has co-created eight fully resourced libraries in Ghana.

She has appeared on Rogers TV among CBC Radio in Toronto while also receiving numerous awards and international recognition for her transformational community development work.

Sylvia Morrison is on a mission to help others live a life that's in harmony with their soul's purpose to transform your dreams into reality.

Charitable donations for this organization can be made directly online through this link:

Link Across Borders is also active on Facebook and Twitter for you to follow along with their journey.

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