How You Can Print Custom T-Shirts With Tagit Express For Your Fashion Business

It only took me 5 days to get the first set of samples in my hand

I finally did it! Things were a breeze to order custom t-shirts at this local print shop located in Oshawa.

Allister Guerra, Owner and Fashion Brand Consultant with Tagit Express helped me start my fashion business while providing the guidance to grow my business.

This Trinidad native started his business in 2010 after leaving his day job to pursue his dream of owning a custom apparel business.

"It was not until my 10th anniversary at the bank that I realized I wanted more for my life, I wanted my dream to come true," Allister explained.

Although his bank job exhausted him, he started his business in a one-bedroom condo in Scarborough to help others make custom designs come to life.

Tagit Express doesn't just print custom t-shirts for me but also any other fashion garments I have in mind available through his website.

"Each person is different and what they wear should be too. No more of the cookie-cutter apparel from big box stores, but instead original designs made just for you," Allister explained.

Creating a custom design and choosing fashion garments seemed like a daunting task to me while trying to start this brand.

However, all I needed was the opportunity to consult with a professional that could have understood my vision and helped bring it to life.

Once I finally got the chance to consult with Allister, he made the process of starting a fashion business easy by explaining his solutions for a web store & order fulfillment service.

This service has allowed me to limit the inventory needed to start BlackcocoBrown and grow my business in the start-up phase.

Starting my own fashion business allows me to change the narrative with fashion and storytelling by bringing black artists and businesses together.

If it wasn't for this custom print and design shop, the idea to make my dream of owning a fashion business would still be a snippet in my notebook.

Fashion is an outward expression of our personality that having a store you can rely on to print your custom t-shirts and more is a great way to tell your story.

"This business has become an amazing outlet for me to visually create what others are thinking. It was the best decision I ever made to persevere and chase this dream," Allister explained.

Allister has a passion for helping our community bring our ideas to life on fashion garments that you may have in mind.

If starting a fashion business is something you have ever considered, this custom t-shirt shop can help you make your custom designs come to life.

You can start printing custom t-shirts by ordering samples with Tagit Express to see the high quality he strives to deliver for all his clients.

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