I heard them say you're too Black 
Black can't 
Black won't 
Black lacks colour ain't no colour in Black
ain’t  no colour in Black, but yet they say your colour is Black
I heard them say Black lacks
Black lacks light, there is no reflection just rejections
too Black the stormy nights
Black cats 
Black suit   Black dress to morn the dead 
no light just darkness 
I heard you heard    
we both heard  them say 
“Nothing good comes from being too Black”
so you coloured your Black
then prance in the light with a temporary stride 
& you,  shining their lighter whiter acceptance above your Black rejection 
rush back into your Black
don that must-have Black suit, Black dress on your elegant sophisticated Black
don’t you see they are tanning Black 
don’t you hear Blacks don't crack
dance Black
sing Black
celebrate Black
pump that fist 
power is Black
-Judith Shaw